A way to donate to CMG that costs you nothing! Get Amazon to give FOR you!

One newer tidbit is that CMG is now registered with Amazon in such a way that you can make a donation to CMG every time you shop on Amazon — without it costing you a penny!

All you have to do, just one time, is:

  • click on the icon about AmazonSmile on our “About Us” page
  • register that you’d like CMG to be your donation charity of choice

That’ll set it up for you; just a few seconds of your time to do that just one.
Then, from now on when you type “Smile.Amazon.com” instead of “www.Amazon.com”
whenever you shop, CMG will get a percentage…at no cost to you!

That’s it!  Same great Amazon for you, but starting on that URL tells them to make a percentage donation on everything you buy that day.
What a simple way to help our great organization that costs you nothing!  😉

From Mohabee

Did you know– that this is the 7th major revision of the “Main” CMG website? And it was revised by Larry, who is our celebrated 7th CMG Webmaster and Tech Director! According to his note, it was completed on the 7th of May! Perhaps it would be appropriate to christen this “ship” on July 7, to add more “7’s” (7-7-17) to this odd list of achievements? Not!

Mohabee Serrano

Loving the new website!

Greetings, Readers!  While the internet is forever, at this moment in 2017, I am the VP of the CMG.

Our new website on WordPress is much more visual and interactive than our previous one while still, hopefully, offering you all you need to know to take that small leap to join our free mailing list and learn about our upcoming events, both the smaller local ones (potlucks, pool parties, game nights, etc.) and , of course, our statewide Gatherings.

If there is information that you had wished you could find here and couldn’t, please let us know!
We want our site to be one that makes it easy to find needed information.
Let us know if you experience any difficulties in using the site or if there are things you’d wished to find here that we might be able to add!

Hope to see you at an upcoming gathering.  The next one will be my 49th!  That’s how much I’ve come to love this group. Hope you will, too!

Your VP,


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