From Mohabee

Did you know– that this is the 7th major revision of the “Main” CMG website? And it was revised by Larry, who is our celebrated 7th CMG Webmaster and Tech Director! According to his note, it was completed on the 7th of May! Perhaps it would be appropriate to christen this “ship” on July 7, to add more “7’s” (7-7-17) to this odd list of achievements? Not!

Mohabee Serrano

Completed the New Website

This is the webmaster (currently = Larry) and I have completed most of the finishing touches on the website.  I am entering a few blog posts to start it off and plan to train a few men to be blogger to add more content say weekly or so.  I am happy to be finished before the Spring Gathering.  I might post about the experience when I return from the mountains.